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Ultimate Guide: Kenworth T680 (MPG, Lifespan, Performance & More)


Kenworth T680 stands out as a true game-changer in the trucking industry. The fully integrated aerodynamic long-haul truck features superior performance, impressive longevity, and highly efficient fuel consumption.

And that’s not all. The truck blends luxury, comfort, and sufficient driver storage space in an unbeatable way. It is a piece of art that brings together expert engineering teams, top designers, and aerodynamic experts.

Stay put and learn some of the features of the Kenworth T680. The guide highlights the truck’s mpg, performance, and lifespan. You will also learn about its strengths, weak points, and some of the things you can do to get the best out of your Kenworth T680 Next Generation truck.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Can a Kenworth T680 Get?

Ideally, profitability in the trucking industry is independent of your automobile's miles per gallon, among other factors. And on average, the Kenworth T680 can get 8 miles per gallon, which makes the Kenworth T680 mpg pretty convenient compared to ordinary trucks, which average at under 5 miles per gallon.

Of course, you need to understand that the impressive Kenworth T680 mpg is not about the truck. Instead, it is due to its efficient PACCAR MX13 engine and the aerodynamics of its body—and this also includes its rear gearing, transmission, types of tires, and driving style.

The combination of the T680’s engine, gearing, transmission, and tire choice is an excellent setup for admirable fuel consumption. And with a good driver at optimal conditions, recording a fuel utilization of 9 mpg should not come as a surprise.

Again, like most trucks of its kind, the Kenworth takes pride in a convenient tank capacity for long-distance trucking. Its fuel tank measures 24.5 inches by 74 inches and can hold up to 150 gallons. As to how many miles the T680 can go on a single full tank, the answer is 1000 miles. 

How is the Performance of the Kenworth T680?

Kenworth describes the T680 as the "perfected for the road ahead" model. Notably, every expert in the trucking industry will undoubtedly agree with this ambitious tag. The Kenworth T680 lives up to this billing.

It is by far the most advanced aerodynamic long-haul vehicle from the company. It uses the powerful PACCAR MX13 powertrain engine, optimized conveniently with highly efficient and fully integrated solutions. Indeed, the PACCAR transmission, axles, and engines deliver the power and reliability needed for long-haul trucks. 

This vehicle has a 12.9-liter PACCAR MX-13 Engine and 405-510 horsepower, ensuring efficiency and performance. The PACCAR TX-12 Automated Transmission offers a smooth and quiet shift. Together with the M-13 engine, they deliver fuel efficiency up to 10%, making it a perfect choice for your trucking needs.

Again, the intelligent technology used in the manufacturing of this hauling equipment further boosts the performance of this powerful truck. Automation makes driving less tiring, safer, and more intuitive.

Kenworth incorporates Kenworth’s TruckTech+, an intelligent technology that makes life easy for the driver while on the road. The efficient technology is beneficial in identifying and solving any problems with the truck. The driver and the fleet operations can communicate efficiently to solve problems before they happen or worsen.

The navigation technology makes life on the road smooth. Besides, a 7-inch simple touch screen gives the driver access to different features. It provides the driver hands-free access to roadside assistance, hands-free calling radio, and the internet.

Kenworth T680 Design

But as you probably know, the performance of an automobile not only relies on its engine and gearing—you certainly need to look at its exterior. The exterior is pretty sleek, but that is not all about it. Indeed, this vehicle has all the wind-cheating features you may want in a long-haul truck. 

The remarkably narrower hood and the complementing grille design cut through the air neatly. At the same time, the incorporated vanes help smooth airflow around the cabin and create less wake next to the windows. You will also like the inclusion of redesigned chassis fairings integrated into the air dams at the front, and the optional side extenders come in handy in keeping a tight airflow during trips.

The aerodynamic design boosts its speed and performance. It also helps squeeze as many miles per gallon as possible from the truck. A set of axle fairings together with wind-slick wheel covers combine effectively to minimize turbulence around your rear wheels.

The Kenworth T680 is as luxurious as it could get, with the interior exhibiting incredible craftsmanship. The vintage-style interior features brown or diamond shade options. Besides, the seats are pretty spacious, adjustable, and comfortable.

You also can choose different seat covering options such as cloth, vinyl, ultra-leather, Duraspreme, and leather. Climate control is also possible, so you can switch from heating to cooling options depending on the weather. Driving this truck is also pretty easy as it features a 15-inch digital display, an intelligent steering wheel, collision mitigation mechanisms, and 

What is the Lifespan of Kenworth T680?

Another exciting feature about this truck is its ability to stand the test of time effortlessly. It incorporates durable and easy-to-service components that will serve you religiously for several years. Of course, this will also depend on how good your maintenance and service program is.

The lifespan of Kenworth T680 will depend on its mileage. Notably, the manufacturer puts the lifespan of this model at 1.5 million, which suggests that it can last for decades. And while it is a relatively new release, many current users support that this claim could be true.

How to Get the Best from A Kenworth T680 Truck

You can put up measures to ensure that you get the best out of your Kenworth T680. Among the things you can do include using eco tires, monitoring your weights, gentle acceleration, watching your speed, and running on higher gears as much as you can. Of course, these measures will also improve your Kenworth T680 mpg. Also, maintain a regular service schedule, lubricate as required, and always check your oil.

Finally, always consult an expert truck service and maintenance for assessment and up-to-date information.

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