Mobile Fleet Services in Arizona

We provide customer-centric repair and maintenance solutions — and our mobile fleet services is one of our core services. Each mobile service unit is built and equipped to meet the needs of each fleet we serve, and capable of handling everything from routine maintenance and repair needs to solving more complex problems.

A mobile service unit is like a garage on wheels. It's ready to service your fleet — you tell us when and where.

In addition to being hassle-free, here are some other key things to know about Onsite Truck & Equipment Repair's mobile fleet maintenance:

We custom-build and equip units for the type of fleet we're servicing. We are capable of serving all asset types – light through heavy duty, dry and reefer trailers, material handling equipment, generators, RVs, and more.

Every fleet has unique needs. Regardless of the variety of your equipment, our mobile fleet service is customized specifically for your assets. As a virtual rolling garage, each mobile unit is equipped to provide mobile fleet maintenance, and stocked with all the tools, parts and equipment your fleet needs.

Service up to 90% of routine maintenance and repair needs.*

We have high standards and provide the equipment to match those standards. Our units have been built to provide the highest quality maintenance and repair services on location, anytime and anywhere. From highly skilled technicians, WIFI connected Fleet Maintenance System, and oil evac system that is fully EPA compliant, we can handle most of the routine repairs and maintenance needs of your fleet.

*Certain repairs require equipment that is unavailable for mobile units.

Moving your units off-field or off-location means more downtime. We come to you.

Your fleet should never be down for days or need to drive long distances for service. We help to to maximize uptime by eliminating both fleet waiting times and long-distance service trips.

We know your time is valuable, so we utilize your routine downtime. Often, this means our technicians work overnight and weekend shifts, so your fleet experiences limited downtime. As a trusted partner, Onsite Truck & Equipment Repair administers mobile fleet maintenance that has been proven to change the way your fleet operates, increasing uptime, safety and reliability while driving down costs.

We operate in full compliance with all federal, state and local environmental regulations.

Our mobile service units are environmentally compliant and provide closed-loop oil evacuation, meeting all local, state and federal environmental and HAZMAT regulations.

Partner with Onsite Truck & Equipment Repair for Mobile Fleet Services

We put our fleet partners first by working with your schedule to ensure limited downtime and maximum production. Our units are built to hande most routine maintenance and repair need, where and when it works for you.

At Onsite Truck & Equipment Repair, we have built a reputation of being a professional, dependable, trustworthy and hard-working partner. We've gotten here through our dedicated focus on Mobile Fleet Maintenance and Repair Services.

For more information, request a quote, or call 602-978-2555.

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