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Truck A/C Repair And Air Filter Replacement: Maintenance And Repair Indicators


The air conditioning system of your heavy-duty truck is a significant component, so it should be no surprise that it needs regular maintenance to perform at its best. Here are four telltale signs that you should seek help from a heavy-duty truck A/C repair professional. 

Inconsistent temperature 

If the temperature in your heavy-duty truck varies from one vent to another, your refrigerant levels are probably low. It also implies that a leak is to blame for the declining refrigerant levels. Your technician should thus examine the issue right away.

You don't get any cold air at all 

If the air conditioner does not produce any cool air, there may be an issue with the ventilation fan in the heavy-duty truck or even some loose hoses. It may also be because of a buildup of dust, filth, or mold in the system, which makes it challenging for the evaporator to function correctly.

Getting an odd smell 

Shortly after turning on the air conditioner in the heavy-duty truck, a weird stench indicates that it requires some maintenance. Mold growth or a filthy cabin filter is most likely to blame for the odor.

Refrigerant leaks

Is water pouring from your heavy-duty truck's air conditioner inside the truck itself? This is a sign that there may be a clog in the drain, which, if ignored, might cause more significant and more costly issues. Visit a heavy-duty truck AC repair specialist right away.

The internal bearings in the air-conditioning compressor in your heavy-duty truck stop the refrigerant from seeping out of the compressor. It is the compressor's responsibility to pressurize the refrigerant and aid in cooling it. The continually compressed atmosphere within the compressor wears down the bearings over time, and the refrigerant will leak from worn or broken bearings.

Odd noises

When you turn on the air conditioning in your heavy-duty truck, you could hear some odd sounds; if so, the compressor is most likely the source. When triggered, this component may grind or whine once it starts to malfunction. These noises result from internal parts malfunctioning, such as the bearings. Check to see if the noise ceases by turning off and back on your air conditioning. If so, you have an AC issue.

You get warm air 

To get chilly air to flow through the vents, switch on your heavy-duty truck's air conditioning. However, if your air conditioning system has yet to be maintained, you can end up with heated air. Failure of the AC compressor is indicated by hot air, and another indication that your refrigerant level is low is hot air. Usually, this indication alerts you before the compressor shuts off. You'll notice that the air is growing warmer over time.

Locked clutch

The AC compressor has a clutch, much like a manual gearbox. To get power from the engine of your heavy duty truck, this clutch is connected to it. The AC compressor clutch or its pulley being stuck will prevent the compressor from working since it won't receive any power, even if it only consumes electricity when necessary. There is no way to swap out the clutch itself, and you must swap out the compressor if it seizes.

Final words 

At least once a year, it would help if you had a professional specializing in heavy-duty truck air conditioner repair and maintenance inspect your truck's air conditioning system. The motor, blower, drain line, coils, operating pressures, temperatures, return and supply lines, refrigerant levels, and connections should all be examined during this check-up. But if you got any of the issues we mentioned above, you can get the help of a heavy-duty AC repair company to get them fixed. 

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